Introducing "Poher Residence": TERMINO's Mid-century Bungalow.


Timeless elegance.


Nestled within the comforting embrace of a midcentury bungalow, the essence of timeless elegance permeates the air. Wooden floors, walls, and ceilings create a warm, inviting atmosphere, their natural tones enhanced by splashes of vibrant hues that inject a modern vitality into the space.


Amidst this organic backdrop stands the TERMINO kitchen, its sleek metal framework providing a striking contrast to the surrounding organic materials, whilst the tall modules seamlessly integrate into the wall behind, defining new, clean lines and understated allure.





Translucent Vignette.


Adjacent to the TERMINO kitchen system, a glass brick half-wall delicately separates the kitchen from the dining area. Its transparent surface maintains an open-plan layout whilst subtly delineating each space.


The juxtaposition of the transparent barrier against the metal and wood creates a captivating visual dynamic, further accentuating the kitchen's presence as the heart of the home.





Radiant Kitchen Illumination.


Above the kitchen, a skylight bathes the room in natural rays, casting gentle shadows that accentuate the artful interplay of textures and tones. Within the modular system, open shelves proudly display the homeowners' cherished ceramics, their delicate forms juxtaposed against the industrial solidity of the metal. The skylight, strategically positioned, not only illuminates the space but also adds to the overall ambience, creating a serene atmosphere that invites both relaxation and culinary creativity.


In this harmonious fusion of elements—wood and metal, transparency and solidity—every detail tells a story. It's a space where memories are made; where comfort and style converge to create a haven that is modern yet utterly timeless.





Interior designed by Alvaro Poher.


Art Direction by Runescape Gallery.

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