A Berlin altbau apartment.


Whispers of Elegance.


Amidst the classic allure of a Berlin alt-bau apartment, where high ceilings dance gracefully overhead and Chevron parquet flooring whispers stories of bygone eras, the TERMINO modular kitchen system quietly asserts its presence.


Serving as the focal point of this refined abode, its two-module-wide island configuration stands as a testament to understated sophistication, housing seamlessly integrated sink and cooking modules that promise both form and function.



Modernity in Motion.


The adjacent tall module configuration discreetly conceals the BORA oven cabinet, while a simple sideboard modular configuration adds a touch of practical elegance to the opposite wall.


Through large windows, the flowing natural light, softly tinged with the coldness of Berlin skies, imbues the space with a serene atmosphere. In a canvas of pristine white walls, the TERMINO kitchen emerges as a study in modernity, its sleek contours and minimalist design offering a subtle counterpoint to the vintage architecture of the space.



Ethereal Boundaries.


Delicate veils of translucent room dividers separate the kitchen from the living room, their ethereal presence adding a whisper of contemporary charm to the timeless setting. Yet beneath its cool exterior, the space exudes a quiet warmth, beckoning inhabitants and guests alike to pause and savour the serenity.



Where Past Meets Present.


With an unassuming demeanour and subtle nods to days gone by, this TERMINO-clad sanctuary weaves a delicate tapestry of past and present. It's a space where modern convenience meets enduring grace.



Interior designed by Alvaro Poher.

Art Direction by Runescape Gallery.

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