Familienhütte by Thomas Hall-Thompson.


Order in the Chaos of Domestic Interiors: Familienhütte by Thomas Hall-Thompson.


We recently worked with friend of TERMINO, architect Thomas Hall-Thompson to envision a warm family cabin that can demonstrate the flexibility of our modular system. Hall-Thompson's space radiates a warm, earthy cosiness amid its own eclectic and refined charm.




 Adaptability as Freedom.


One thing which we're really excited to offer with TERMINO (which is something that doesn't really exist yet on a broad scale in the kitchen design world) is this gift of flexibility. This removal of the stress of redesigning or building a space in light of lifestyle or occupancy changes; allowing one's domestic world to fluidly evolve or grow or streamline or whatever might be necessary to accommodate life's inevitable, exciting curveballs.


These curveballs, or points of domestic evolution, are never more present than in regards to one's family. A partner moving in, a new baby on the way, the young ones finally leaving the nest, the list goes on, with the only consistency being inconsistency in regards to the demands of domestic space over the years. With TERMINO though, this inconsistency is not a barrier, but rather a welcome, exciting opportunity to redesign one's space.



Flowing with the tides of life.


As we see in Thomas Hall-Thompson's "Familienhütte", the TERMINO modular system is configured in an extended wall formation including sink, oven, and two fridges, but it also spills over into a adjacent lounge section of the open space, to serve as a side-table. Should occupancy or desires change however, it would simply take minutes to consolidate this side table into the kitchen system, perhaps to add an island, or stacked vertical cabinets, etc. And in the same way, the the kitchen system could be fluidly streamlined in order to extend or expand the storage solutions of the lounge space.

The options are endless.



Thanks to Thomas Hall-Thompson and collaborators. You can find their links below.


Thomas Hall-Thompson

Alvaro Polo

Frederik Fialin  

Olivia Bossy


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