Embracing Modularity: The Path to Freedom.




The ability to move around freely and not have restrictions on your life is something that's always meant a lot to us. But, understandably so, there are often invisible lines tying you to one place and discouraging you from
moving and pursuing a life elsewhere.


We want to cut a few of those invisible lines, the first being this idea that if you've invested in a kitchen that you love, when you move house, you have to abandon it.


For the longest time, there was no way of escaping this reality. But modularity flipped this on its head. Now, there's just one less reason why you shouldn't move into that cool apartment across the city or take that dream job overseas.


Kitchens shouldn't be fitted to one location, and neither should people. Modularity is freedom. If you make that spontaneous move you've been dreaming about, your TERMINO kitchen can meet you there 📦














Video adventures of Kristers Ozols.

Directed and edited by Runescape Gallery.




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