Mission Reflections with Founder - Elson Lin.



We live in a fast world, so we decided to slow down, drink some tea with our founder, Elson Lin, and reflect on our mission for TERMINO.


We talked about our philosophy, how it emerged and why we believe modularity is so beneficial to a free and flexible lifestyle. Here's a fragment of that conversation:


"Nowadays people are using smartphones for communication more and more often. I think the kitchen is the best place for putting the phone away, sharing food, drinking wine and sharing thoughts together with your friends and family. And I think this is the kind of energy people really need right now."


"...I moved into a good flat here in Germany, and so I needed a kitchen. But I couldn't find the kitchen I wanted to have — so I decided to create one."


"We are thinking differently. We are offering freedom for users to express their own unique living style. And I think that's the most important part of TERMINO... To keep things simple, including your lifestyle."










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