TERMINO Creator's Series by @yuki_injo.




As much as TERMINO is a space for nurturing our own ideas, it is also a platform for collaboration. This is the concept behind the TERMINO Creator's Series. To commission talented artists and visual practitioners to interpret our philosophy and produce new ideas in response. To create a dialogue through images and allow it to broaden our own understanding of functionality, design and art, illuminating new routes and pathways along this journey of TERMINO.


Our first collaborator is a visual designer in Berlin who enjoys exploring her identity through fashion and photography. Her name is Yuki:


"TERMINO gives me a sense of futurism. It's a concise, convenient kitchen design concept that stands out. My collages transform TERMINO's kitchen space, presenting versatile ideas in an engaging manner. After all, the kitchen is an essential part of everyone's home and should be enjoyable and fun." — @yuki_injo









If you're interested in participating in the Creator's Series in exchange for an artist fee, please send your portfolio to press@termino.gmbh 


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