TERMINO Wins the German Design Award for Excellent Product Design Kitchen.


TERMINO stands out in the innovative kitchen design sector, earning recognition and acclaim at the German Design Awards. Their win for "Excellent Product Design" in the kitchen category reflects their deep commitment to both functional innovation and environmental stewardship.





The TERMINO kitchen system is a groundbreaking achievement featuring 14 distinct modules. Each module is designed for adaptability and longevity, transforming everyday kitchen use. Utilizing recycled aluminum, 316L stainless steel, and European oak, TERMINO showcases its dedication to quality and ecological mindfulness.

The jury praised the modular design of the TERMINO system, allowing for extensive customization to cater to individual preferences. Beyond using sustainable materials, TERMINO prioritizes durability, evident in its timeless, minimalist aesthetic, which is as practical as it is aesthetically appealing.



Sustainable Future
TERMINO's commitment to sustainability is evident in its material choices and adoption of circular economy principles. This approach ensures a reduced environmental footprint, considering the entire lifecycle of their products.

Recognition and Achievement
Winning the German Design Award for "Excellent Product Design" in the kitchen category marks a significant milestone for TERMINO. This honor from the German Design Council underscores their innovative blend of design, functionality, and sustainability.


TERMINO and MTCS Studio have redefined kitchen design standards with the TERMINO system. This award-winning design not only improves kitchen functionality but also exemplifies a deep commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable living. This blog post celebrates TERMINO's unique and award-worthy kitchen system, distinguished by its focus on sustainability and sleek design.




For complete details on TERMINO's achievement in the German Design Award, you can find the official content here.


A special thanks to MTCS Studio for their invaluable contribution to the success of the TERMINO kitchen system.





December, 2023 

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