The Zweistöckige Duplex by Thomas Hall-Thompson.


Embracing Raw, Urban Minimalism.


TERMINO has collaborated once again with friend of the studio, architect Thomas Hall-Thompson, for his vision of a couple's sanctuary. This peaceful nest in the metropolis serves as an oasis for contemporary design, boasting an industrial-chic allure that intrigues and captivates.


The generously spaced layout is interrupted only by meticulously curated design pieces and furnishings, imbuing the space with a stylishly austere ambiance. We coin this spatial concept, ”TERMINO-ISM“.



The beauty of opposites.


The Zweistöckige Duplex is a space perhaps defined by its paradoxes. The theoretical coldness, for example, of the raw, concrete architecture is contrasted by the large wall windows and skylight, pouring warm natural light into the space.


Similarly, the futuristic qualities of the TERMINO kitchen and surrounding interior environment are curiously in contrast with the curated collection of vintage furniture that populates the sitting area. Rather than exist at odds though, together, these qualities synergize to produce an overall timeless aesthetic experience.



Multi-use shelves.


At the side-wall one can find a modular system of TERMINO units configured as a storage solution. he open shelf design however does not encase the contents, but instead displays, allowing the system to function both as a storage solution but also, as shown here, a quasi-gallery for the sculptural, ceramic and design pieces of the occupants.

These lightweight modules used for wall cabinets can then fluidly be integrated into the kitchen island system and vice versa, as per the evolving tastes or needs of the user.



The centrepiece of the kitchen area is of course the TERMINO modular system, a configuration that harmoniously melds with its surroundings, blending stainless steel with exposed concrete. The TERMINO kitchen units featured here range in size from medium to generously spacious, elevating the functionality of the sleek setting.


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Thanks to Thomas Hall-Thompson and collaborators. You can find their links below.


Thomas Hall-Thompson

Alvaro Polo

Frederik Fialin  

Olivia Bossy


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